2nd day – and first week blogging…

We had a few more welcome talks today – some things tend to become repetitive over the days (there was an additional event for international students which I didn’t attend, where we could have heard the same things for the third time), we also gut some information about the school’s computer facilities and met our advisors (a lecturer who overseas your academic progress and is approachable for academic and other problems). And the good news is: It seems that I have quite a chance to be allowed to leave UEA one week before the “christmas vacation” (in which we are supposed to learn for the exams in the 2nd week of January) in order to attend the UNFCCC summit in Copenhaguen -although that will meen working harder the weeks before in order to reach in any coursework before the date it’s due.

I will take the modelling course I was thinking about – the price to pay seems to be that I got myself a Matlab introductory guide from the library and started reading it before lectures even started. The other options I chose were Atmospheric Climate Change and Physical Oceanography (all three considered hard modules by some of my fellow students, but I think they just hate maths), while I might change the latter one for a course on resources and environmental economics in the second term. They are quite proud in here that they are amongst the first being able to put a price on the environmental damage caused by economic activity – I wonder if there is someone around who might ask if it’s a good idea to do so and why it seems necessary…

But who cares, as long as there is that guy from the career center who is “here to help you market yourselves”.  Now don’t think I’m already fed up with my new uni – most people studying here seem to be nice and rather interesting, and I am still looking forward to the beginning of lectures next week.

Just a side remark on the one-week-birthday of my blog: wordpress statictics show that it has received 233 visits over the week, with a record of 39 in the first day. Now obviously, some of you look around more than once a day (or it counts lots of search-engines’ crawlers passing by), but that still motivated me to keep writing. I probably won’t keep up blogging at an average of one post per day, but I’ll try to keep you updated.


3 responses to “2nd day – and first week blogging…

  1. Hey Felix –
    I need your help: wordpress is much more confusing and complicated than blogspot… how do you do it that on the main page only the abstracts of your articles are being shown and it says “keep reading”? cause that would be a lot of help for my blog, too….
    thx in advance,

    glad to hear your first school days were good,
    have a nice day!

    • When writing a new post, just hit the “more” button ( it should appear in the row just above the text input window) after you’ve written what you want to appear as abstract on the front line and then write the rest of the post.

  2. wow – that sure is a useful tool. thanks a lot!

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