great autumn day

The sun has been shining almost all the day, and the colours of the trees in front of my window or in the nearby park are just wonderful – I uploaded some pictures I took today. At uni, I only had a taught practical on Matlab today – we were supposed to write a bit of code to compute a vortex motion (Rotationsbewegung). And maybe I am not able to write a working Matlab code on my own,

but I least I can write a code in a way that my lecturer doesn’t understand why the code doesn’t work either. Well, he then suggested deleating two superflous lines and it eventually worked, but I still don’t know why saving variables to a file and loading them again stopped my program. Anyway, writing code is fun (am I a neard now?) and I have the structure of my essay for that course ready.
After uni, I registered myself at the university medical center which was much faster than I had expected (luckily, I had forgotten some documents yesterday, because Wednesday afternoon in free from lectures and there might have been a massive que. Instead of boring you with further details of my day, I’ll just show you some of the pictures and then get some more essay-writing done.

Who invented that rumour about England being rainy and foggy all year long?






One response to “great autumn day

  1. hey – not fair! why is your autumn all pretty and nice already and mine is still mostly green but they forecast snow for the weekend?!? not fair!

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