small boats, big fun

– that was my first session with UEA Kayaking today. They have those tiny sporty wild-water boats, not the big touring ones you use for longer distances as the lakes of Mecklenburg. Once we got to the water (packed in a long wetsuit, a special coat and a lifejacket), they asked if we had all done the capzise-test on a prevouis session. Well, as this was my first one, I obviously hadn’t. And although I knew that I was able to get out of a boat lying upside down in the water safely, they wanted us to show it, before getting started. All right, safety first,
and that is how I got to swallow my first bit of Norfolk river water today before we even got started. We then paddeld down the river a few hundred meters (you can easily turn those boats by 180 degrees in a single stroke, that’s quite funny. On the other hand, it’s a bit more challenging to go in a straight line) and once we arrived there, the next exercise was:: T-rescue. You capsize, someone gets the nose of his boat beside yours, you grab it with your hand and move your boat up again moving your hips first and getting the head out of the water only once the boat is turned. Nice ting, did that plenty of times this summer – yeah, summer. Not on an october afternoon in Norfolk. But anyway, we had some fun and with all the other fancy exercises we did and our various layers of clothes, nobody really got cold. At the end, we played two games – one allowing you to push others if convenient (you only had to rescue them afterwards), the other one where you had to in order to win. In spite of all the water I swallowed on that way, it kept me warm. The only annoying situation was when my boat capsized, nobody was close enough to do a T-rescue and my foot got stuck in the boat when I tried to get out. Well, I eventually got out and really had a good afternoon, althouh I am really done now.
This morning, we had quite a nice lecture about ice cores, really interesting and the lecturer said he had a wonderful icecore from Antarctica a needed some people to work on it. Probably people were interested anyway, but having him say that this would almost surely lead to a nature or science paper made the thing look even greater. (For the non-scientists: Getting a paper published in “nature” or “science” is what makes you a known as a world expert in something) Oh, and I was at uni an hour too early – it is Wednesday when I have to go there at ten because I no longer do physical oceanography, not Thursday!
Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon walking between my home and the city centre to get tools and spare parts to repair my bicicle ( I could have taken the bus, but that takes about as long). Of course, I was still in lack of a spanner in the right size to get rid of my brakes (and put them on again…) in the end. But who needs the right tools if you have a multitool that is said to be suffucient to build a hole house? (That one is from my former flatmate, not from the ads!). So I finally got my bike ready to go back to uni for a working-group meeting at five.
There might be more to write about, but I am way too tired to go on.


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