week 6 – halftime

Yes, this was week six of my first term at UEA – and a term only has twelve weeks. I handed in my second piece of coursework (a review about ice dynamics in Greenland and Antarctica – great but scary topic) and I am working on a worksheet and a lab report for weeks 7 and 8. After that, I’ll pass to an essay, a lab report and my modelling project, all due in week 12 but a bit more challenging than the earlier pieces. Today, it has been raining all day, but not that much – when I went for a half-an-hour run round the university broad, I got wetter from sweat than from rain. Notice it’s haloween – big fancy dress party in the LCR at uni tonight and shops advertising they don’t sell flour and eggs to people under 16 the 28th, 29th and 30th of october. Funny, isn’t it? Poor children not smart enough to get their kit early enough for doing nonsene today…
Fireworks are also sold and go off all day – I am not sure if that has any sense today or if people simly can’t wait the 5th of november. Well, people already thought we couldn’t wait haloween because most of the climate change course met at a dress party on Thursday – but it was someone’s birthday, and everybody was simply supposed to dress up according to a letter of the alphabet. Poor Chris, who dressed up as Wally and got loads of people crying “I found Wally” and wanted to take pictures with him… Well, I should maybe add that we ended up in a mainstream club at the end of the night – people from Bremen may want to compare it to what they think is the stubu, but after being there I must say that mercy’s here in Norwich is actually worse…
I also had some fun today reading an open letter from a Chicago climate scientist to a Chicago economics professor who appearently wrote a book full of nonsense about climate change. Really worth reading – it’s just too funny. Not extremely polite, maybe.
Instead of writing this blog entry, I originally planned to finish my worksheet, but my study is the only room I could heat sufficiently to raise the bred mixture I prepared. I didn’t manage to get any rye flour, but self-baked bread with sunflower seeds should still be a nice change after so many weeks eating fluffy white stuff.


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