When coming back from the Fell Club mountain leader training in the peak district this weekend, I felt like coming home to Norwich for the first time (I spent two other weekends away before, but never had that sensation of arriving back home before). And yet I still feel like someone studying abroad, not where he is really living. Too much of my life, of what makes me happy or sad still happens in Germany, although I’ve got quite some things to do around here: studying – with people I catch on with quite more easily than with average chemistry students in Bremen – Kayak and Fell Club, where I met quite an amount of interesting people as well,
and some political stuff – we are setting up a kind of teach-in for Copenhaguen on the 1st december, just a few days before I then leave to the COP15 summit. Maybe I am still lacking some kind of project that is really central for my life and situated here in Norwich (well, you might suppose that should be my course, but I mean something different). Or maybe you can’t expect to fully feel at home in a city when you just moved in about two months ago and are going for a one-month-trip abroad, including the place where you used to live for three years, in another month. And maybe that’s all going to be different after christmas. Or the same again.
Apart from all that, I am really having a good time – went on a little bit of moving water in the Kayaks last week, we had a curry social with our course on Thursday, I spent the weekend in the mountains learning some navigation and group-leading skills (and decided that the next part of kit I need will be gaitors…). We still happen to have sunny days from time to time, but I start spending more time on studying – only four weeks, including this one, to get all my coursework done.


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