three weeks only

and I will be on a coach back to the continent, heading to the COP15 summit in Copenhaguen. Really strange feeling – three weeks isn’t a long time at all, especially compared to the amount of coursework to do until then. But that’s not what worries me – I rather feel as if I had not even arrived properly and was already leaving again (and I will be away for almost a month, two weeks at the climate summit and another two in Germany). A year in a different country probably isn’t such a long time any longer as it was when you were nineteen and just leaving a school – but on the other hand, I have still got seven months left when I come back in january, and that doesn’t start from zero again, but with me already knowing people, places and what I do round here.
Next week, I’ll meet two other guys interested in starting an anticapitalist climate group in Norwich – would really be great if that worked now, but there is not much time left to get anything started before COP15 and christmas holidays. Politics are really a part of my life I am missing – reading mailing lists just isn’t the same as having a group and people around you, and I try not to stay too implied to what is happening in Germany, after all, I am living in Norwich now and haven’t only left for a holiday or so.
And yet, thinking of my dissertation and having and making plans of what to do after my masters makes the time seem so short, comparing to going somewhere and only knowing that you will probably go back to the country you lived in before after a year.
Uni is going on quite well – I have a specific plan for my dissertation topics including topic, place, data, supervisor and funding, but quite some obstacles left that may make it impossible to be carried out (one of those is that the data I need may not exist at all…). That’s why I don’t really dare writing what it is – the more people I tell about it, the bigger my deception if it doesn’t work that way.
I finally found accessible data and all the equations I need for my modelling project and got started with the lab report for atmospheric chemistry (yeah, another lab report – but one of those in a term doesn’t count when you are used to something between one every fortnight and several handwritten reports a week…).
NUS (national union of students, =fzs in Germany) and our union are making some action against rising fees, but apparently without taking notice of what’s going on in Austria and Germany (although some union activists I know joined facebook groups supporting the occupation of Uni Wien). I am going to the theatre in Norwich tomorrow, Kayaking on Sunday and the rest of the weekend is dedicated to coursework…


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