back, in Norwich, back at uni and finally back on my blog – I haven’t updated it since a bit for a number of reasons, but if people are still interested, further updates may follow.
So, what have I been doing all these weeks? I went to the UNFCCC climate change conference cop 15 in copenhaguen, there is a number of reports out there in the internet, so I’ll just point out some that might be interesting for you: A report I wrote about the big march on december 12, an article I wrote some days before, and a video of the solidarity demonstration at the end of the summit. After another two weeks in Germany,
I came back to Norwich on the 29th of december by ferry from Hoek van Holland. Even though my train from Germany was late and I got into a wrong train in the Netherlands (which also happend to a number of Dutch people because the train just stopped where another one was supposed to arrive…) I got the ferry and had a good cruise over here – where again trains were running horribly late and you were advised of this when they were supposed to arrive…
In the following week, I should have learned for my exams in Science of Climate Change and atmospheric chemistry, but I think I made may way through the exams without exaggerating the work input… Lectures started last week and I moved from the science to the social science side of my degree – science, society and policy as one module and environmental economics as the other one. So I will finally learn why it may pay out to reduce carbon emissions :-). Joking, but I am going to write an extensive essay about why and how carbon trading has become the policy instrument of choice to combat climate change. I have already found some hints that it may not only be because it just works so amazingly well in terms of reducing emissions…
So far from my last weeks, an update on what I am doing now may follow later, depending on when I’ll be back from meeting some friends.


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