Where the fuck is Helsinki?

… was clearly the winning question in yesterday’s game evening on european geography. Wrongly assuming that Zaragoza (Saragossa) had something to do with the Sargasso sea, which in turn I vaguely knew was some part of the Atlantic ocean, I still got the conclusion right: Zaragoza is west of Valencia. I won the game, by the way.
I also got my coursework back – the three pieces I wrote down and handed in in a rush before leaving for Copenhagen – and not all of them are rubbish. Unluckily, I got the worst one back first and spent a week thinking I had ruined my record – but, to be fair: Copenhagen would have been worth it. It was clearly two of the most intense weeks of my life – the G8 back in Heiligendamm was more exciting because it was all so new to me, but summits don’t get boring that quickly. Anyway, the other two essays were ok and I am quite confident that the exams went well enough as well.
I played Korfball for the school of environmental sciences (we just call it ENV) in a university competition the other day and was tempted to start Basketball again (I just realized that some of you might not be aware of the fact I used to play Basketball from the age of 7 to 17, training up to four times per week and competing in two teams in the most intense phase of it). In Korfball, you can’t dribble, aren’t allowed to shoot with someone next to you and worst of all: you may not take the ball out of someone’s hands. Too peaceful for me, this game… Yesterday was my first day back out on the river – much more water than when I last went, which means much more fun – and more swimming as well. I went over twice and only understood later that it is always the same basic problem: You loose when you do not have a clear idea of what you want to be doing. It doesn’t matter that much if you actually achieve what you try, as long as you are paddling somewhere with some confidence. But sitting between two areas of fast flowing water and asking yourself the question what you might want to do next is a safe way to go for a swim. On the way back, I remembered my resolution to get myself a pair of wetsuit boots – my feet were just freezing. But no doubts, the river is great now and I hope it will stay like this for a bit longer.
My vague plan for the summer is to go on a longer kayaking trip, possibly sea-kayaking in sweden or something alike…
The next Fell Club trip is on in two weeks’ time, and I might go as a walkleader for the first time – if I make my mind up for doing it and if it’s not too late by then.


2 responses to “Where the fuck is Helsinki?

  1. i think there’s something very philosophical about your kayak experience….. thanks for updating, btw 🙂

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