mountains again!

I spent the last weekend on a Fell club trip to the Brecon Beacon’s national park in Wales – even though England beat Wales at Rugby on Saturday, we had a good time out there ;-).

Somewhat unfortunately, it didn’t really rain while we were outside so i don’t know how much better my new waterproofs are compared to the old ones. I was however again impressed by my leather boots that kept my feet dry when we had to walk through four inches (10 cm) of water on a field that happened to be a bit too close to a lake… the weather also made fun of us by uncovering the hills from clouds just as we walked off them to remind us of the wonderful view we would have had without the clouds.

I was quite happy to be busy with mapreading and navigation on both days (we never got seriously lost) so I could get my head free from what I would have been thinking about at home in Norwich. We passed some nice waterfalls one day and climbed an official mountain (which is appearently different from an ordinary hill by being more than 600 m high – quite a low threshold as I see it) the other day.

I finally started some reading for a class test on Monday in environmental economics where you have to know everythink about the superiority of market-based solutions – yeah! but haven’t done a great deal on my dissertation or any of my coursework so far this week. And in order to not exaggerate my dedication to my studies, I’ll head off to meet some friends now and probably register for sunday’s kayaking session later in the evening…

we may sometimes have slightly more kit than necessary for the trips we do...


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