just an ordinary weekend

… that is about to finish. Went to lectures on friday – one about climate change adaptation in the Nile basin from nine to ten and on about market-based instruments of pollution control from twelve to one. Inbetween, cake at the Hive (the student union’s cafe) to start celebrating a birthday. Walked home (my bike is broken), had lunch, and then had to take a bus into town, meet people to go shopping for birthday presents. I just about decided it was way too German to send out a text saying I was going to be 10 mins late – and then ended up calling a friend to ask if I had got place and time right, as I was the first one to arrive. We selected and developed some pictures for a collage and got sheet music as present. When the collage and cake were ready and everything wrapped, it was about time to leave to the Japanese Restaurant for the birthday dinner. We had a good evening – and really nice food. I can proudly say I managed to eat my Tofu steak, vegetables and rice with chop-sticks without dropping any of them on my clothes or making myself too ridiculous. I headed back around half nine to be home for a phone call at ten – which is eleven in German time. Phones are a bit old-fashioned, I know, but just so much more reliable than skype!
The weekend itself was scheduled for coursework – some minor corrections and adjustments to my project proposal draft (glacier modelling abou the Indian Himalaya, my dissertation topic) and more importantly some real advances on my essay on why emissions trading has become the policy instrument of choice in securing the goal of climate politcs: I read an article on Gramscian appraoches to international relations, got a book with selections from the prison notebooks from the library and truly started to understand some of his central concepts and how they could be applied to climate politics.
Today was a bit less productive though – I might even have regretted not being at Kayaking, if id hadn’t started snowing again. The later evening was then dedicted to watching High fidelity with friends before slinding home on the again frozen roads of Norwich.


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