spring is here!

A bit of sunlight is spring – as you can see from our reactions: Have lunch outside at uni, buy icecream and wander around Yorkshire in t-shirts… Nights still happen to be below zero degrees (not only in the hills, also in Norwich) but especially after the last couple of months it doesn’t take much to make you think it’s really warm…

As we’re waiting for our project proposals to be marked, I am starting to organize how to get the data I’ll need for my dissertation and am still working on two essays for the modules I am taking this term. The weekend was, however, dedicated to the hills in Yorkshire:

We got up early on Saturday morning to do the Yorkshire three peaks challenge – not early enough for my group though, it was getting too late before we got to the last one to climb. Never mind, the other group told us the way up was horrible, so we shouldn’t be too dissappointed about not doing it.

The first hill we walked up: Pen-y-ghent, 694 m high. It started snowing when we approached the summit inside a nice cloud.

A railway bridge on the way to Whernside, our second summit – just after we stopped to have icecream in the valley.

Great wheather on sunday – in spite of the haze, we could see all the way across the country to the lake district.

Did i mention it is spring?


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