fossil fools day in Norwich – tar sand protest at Natwest

As today is fossil fools day all over the world, a couple of climate justice activists decided to pay Natwest in Norwich a visit – since Natwest is part of the RBS group, it is heavily involved in financing tar sands projects in Alberta, Canada.

Protesters put up a banner saying “Nature doesn’t do bailouts – stop the dirty oil” – gave out “free money” stained with oil that had information on tar sands and the involvement of UK banks on the back. They were also singing a protest song inspired by a more prominent example…. Some people decided to pay Natwest a visit towards the end of the day. Staff prevented the public from taking pictures and videos (thanks Alan!) of the song about tar sand destruction performed inside the branch and called the police – which, however, didn’t arrive until everybody was far off…

Dirty money at RBS - free money in the streets...

Thanks to Alan for this videoclip!

Staff trying to avoid pictures being taken...


5 responses to “fossil fools day in Norwich – tar sand protest at Natwest

  1. I’ve just uploaded my video of part of the protest on YouTube:

  2. Unfortunately someone has made a privacy complaint against the video, and it has been taken down…

  3. way to go! tarsands project has to stop! the proposed pipeline routed through our territory even though we are against it!

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