Polar science workshop in Leeds

This week, I finally managed to travel to a city after restraining myself to mountain areas for the last six months around here: I attended a polar science workshop in Leeds, organised by the UK Polar Network. I presented a poster on my research project (the Himalaya glacier melt) and met loads of interesting people, many of them doing PhDs in ice sheet modelling, some for present climate and others in reconstructions of the past. On a rather random note, I noticed in interesting pattern in the behaviour of conference attendants: The longer they went out on the first day, the earlier they turned up on the second.
We didn’t check wheather that was statistically significant, but it was anyhow remarkable. Many of the talks went about atmospheric chemistry – which is not what I want to specialise in, but was quite interesting since I had some lectures on similar topics last year. I got some new ideas for my dissertation from talks about cloud properties. We also run a nice Excel-based simple ice sheet model to simulate the response of the Greenland and Antarctic Ice sheets to past and future climate forcing.

Beyond the conference, I didn’t see that much of Leeds other than the Pubs and the club we went to on Thursday – which was a bit weird, but definitely interesting. While I appreciated the free internet on the train on my way back, it was less great that not only my train from Peterborough to Norwich was 40 min late, moreover nobody deemed it necessary to tell people there was a quicher connection that involved changing in Ely. Probably because the trains were run by different companies, so why should anyone bother to send people over to the competitor, I guess.

I spent most of today either preparing food for a couple of friends who came over for my birthday or doing nothing – and should really go back to revision mode tomorrow. Wednesday should mark the all-term end of my exam-related time in life, an event to be celebrated.


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