time is running out

Only two month to go until my masters in Norwich is coming to and end – this is worrying because my dissertation deadline is moving closer and the project is getting more complicated than I thought. And I am beginning to realise I will really miss Norwich, the people and my life here, UEA, Norfolk and England. It is often when you have to go soon that you realise how much you are feeling at home in a place (never happened to me when leaving Germany though, but that’s probably because I always new I was coming back).

I spent the past week struggeling with my Matlab code and attempts to get data – sending e-mails back and forth telling people I had already sent them what they were asking for with mails being lost somewhere in the cyberspace…
Most of the time when I’m working on my code I check the error messsages, have a look at the code and realise why it can’t work – at the beginning I was proud I often do find out what’s wrong rather quickly, but now I start asking myself why I can’t write proper code in the first place. But appearently, this is the way you do scientific programming (to be honest, other people probaby fail at a different levell than I do).
Today it turned out I am at least not the only one who hasn’t written up anything yet – and others are struggling at different stages of their projects as well. So my trouble at least isn’t highly unusual.
Unfortunately, I have given up any hope I had to be able to go to Scotland with Fell Club in a fortnight – but maybe I can go in the summer after finishing my dissertation. (While I am writing this post, my computer is attempting to compute the mass balance of Chhota Shigri in 2002/2003, including the percolation and refreezing of meltwater inside the snowpack).


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